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Cathy Schwartz
(Vocal Coach)

My name is Cathy Schwartz, and I am the assistant vocal coach at Extreme Vocal Experience.  I come from a very musical family. My great aunts on my father's side used to have a show on the radio in Parkersburgh, WV, singing bluegrass style gospel. I can remember them coming to visit and bringing their acoustic guitars. We would sit around in the evening and sing together. My mother was my biggest influence on my singing, and in music in general. She could play the piano like a pro, although she never had a lesson in her life, and could not read music. She taught me how to harmonize by signing Everly Brothers songs together. We would sing each song twice, switching parts each time. I loved singing with her, and learned what pure joy music can bring to us all.

I was in choir from 5th grade until 12th grade. Of course, it was my favorite class! I had several friends who would ask me to sing for them often. In my senior year, I got to perform in the Lion's Club musical show. We all worked really hard to make the show great, but it was worth all the hard work and ling hours of practicing. It feels really good to be a part of something like that. Our students get that chance, as we do recitals, and sing for events.

After I graduated, I took a break from music to raise my son. When he was about 10yrs old, I got into a rock band. We were really good, but things just didn't work out with some of the members, so we broke up. I didn't go back to singing until my son graduated and got married. Then I felt like it was time to do something that I had wanted all my life. I started taking vocal lessons from Jennifer, and I am so glad I did! Natural talent is great, but TRAINING IS ESSENTIAL!! I never knew there was so much involved in singing in order to do it right! I have been taking lessons from Jennifer since 2008, and I still take them. There is a huge difference in my vocals because of the training I have received. 

An education in music is proven to help in all other areas of study, and in behavior. It gives a person a feeling of self worth, and creates confidence. I do everything I can to help my students get to that confident state of mind, and develop into the artist they were meant to be.