A community of movitivation and a passion for arts

EVE Music Studio is now located at
445 Main Street 
Wellsville OH 43968

The students here at the EVE Music Studio are working hard on a few different projects. 

Fall Fun Festival - This event will be help late October or early November. Each students gets a 20 min time slot to perform his or her favorite songs that they have been working on in the studio. 

Music Auditions - The musical auditions are only part of the project for Spring of 2019. Students are each prepping one musical number, one song of choice, a monologue, and 60 second dance number. They are also going to be doing script reading. Each student will get a part in the musicals. Practices for the musicals will start in January. 

Some students are working on a Glee project also to be performed in the Spring of 2019. 

Starting in September students will be starting to work on Christmas!!

EVE Music Studio will soon be offering special art classes. Starting with pencil sketching classes.